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by | May 14, 2020 | Body Wellness

Hello, Friends,

Despite this troublesome time of covid-19, we are all trying to stay positive! Two months have passed, and businesses are slowly getting back on track. I personally went through a hard time when so many of my business and personal plans were put on hold. I have had to adapt to these changes, as I know many of you have had to do as well. While we are staying in our houses and have been less active, there’s a good chance some people have gained a few extra pounds. I am not an exception.

My current goal is to lose at least 10 pounds over the next month. I am focused on working out more and consuming less sweets these days. My next step is to detox with the Core Restore 14-day Detox Kit. This dietary supplement will help cleanse my body, jumpstart my metabolism, and eliminate cravings for unhealthy food. I will start my detoxification on Monday, May 25th. A few members of the Valeriya Life team will also detox with me. We will post on the Valeriya Life FB, Core Detox community Group page on how our detoxification process is going and share our experiences. Would you like to join us on this journey?

We have built a free app that helps calculate people’s body toxin load that we adopted from a reputable nutraceutical company (click here). This is a new self-reported, symptom-based survey. The information about a level of toxic burden helps you choose the best detoxification plan. According to this application my toxin load score is 25, which means I have a medium level of toxins in my body and need at least two weeks of detox with Core Restore. Our Wellness Director, Lynn Kocian, developed the table of recommendations for toxin load levels based on the recommendations from the Ortho Molecular products info page. By filling out the toxin load survey, you can pick a detox plan that meets your needs.

The detox kit includes a valuable book that will tell you not only how to use the detox kit but also the kind of food to avoid eating while on the program. You will also get recipes on healthy meals for that week(s) and provided a grocery list on recommended fruits and vegetables. Imagine feeling more energized without the use of coffee and energy drinks while your body gets rid off harmful toxins. Check out Dr. Jay’s testimony about how this detox program helped him not only feel better but also lose 11 pounds!

Have you ever thought about how much toxins you are exposed to?. According to a CDC report (2009), Americans of all ages are carrying over 219 toxic chemicals in their body at any given time! Normally, the immune system, liver, and kidneys work together to remove toxins at the same rate in which they are encountered. But, when toxin levels accumulate and exceed body’s capability to remove them, it is termed increased toxic burden. Impaired ability to detoxify harmful substances may weaken immune system. CORE Support is an evidence-based detoxification system.

Valeriya Life is strongly committed to helping you in your wellness gains. We can deliver our educational workshop via online. It’s time to get back to our normal lives and enjoy the beauty of the world! 

With love and commitment for you!

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