10 Tips on Keeping Your Stress Under Control

by | May 28, 2020 | Stress and Immunity

What Makes an Event “Stressful”

Scientists who study stress report events that cause the most mental and emotional stress usually have four similarities. First, we can become stressed by things that are new to us. First-time experiences cause you to anticipate how you will feel during the event (pleasure or pain), triggering a stress response. Combine this with unpredictability, the second feature of mental and emotional stress, and the stress response is heightened. A first-time driving lesson on a busy metropolitan freeway is a good example of a new and unpredictable situation, for both driver and instructor!. The third cause is a sense of threat to your physical well-being or psyche. While it is not always thought of as stress, the nervous anticipation of someone else’s opinion of you is a threat to your psyche and, therefore, a source of stress.The fourth cause of potential stress includes events where you may experience a loss of control over a situation. This is common for parents of teenagers who are exercising more independence.How can you eliminate the stress of novelty, unpredictability, threatening events and loss of control?

Recommendations for Relieving Stress and Taking Control of Your Health

Identify Your Stressors Becoming mindful of daily stressors and promoting positive thought patterns is a commonly used practice in cognitive behavior training. This technique helps reframe thoughts and reprogram the brain to engage in healthy thinking. Try keeping a thought journal for 30 days to incorporate this practice into your daily life.

Simplify Things

Identify the things in your life you can change or eliminate that would make life simpler. This will greatly reduce your stress level. This goes very well with st

Learn To Say No

People who can’t say no often have a high degree of stress in their life, as they try to juggle the demands and requests of everyone around them.

Find A Healthy Balance

Increase time spent doing activities that you find (or once found) enjoyable. Scheduling down time for yourself is extremely important. What do you find fun or relaxing: stretching, getting a massage, playing golf, painting, taking a hot bath, reading an inspiring book? Scheduling this time every week will not only help you reduce your stress level, it will help you change your outlook.

Avoid Isolation When Stress Is High

Many people tend to become isolated, as well as physically and mentally inactive after a stressful event, which can really depress your mental outlook. Connecting with friends, family or community groups that offer emotional support, or engaging in activities that you find enjoyable can help turn potentially harmful isolation patterns into a positive event.

Laugh Often

Laughter provides a release for tension and helps take your focus off the worries and frustrations of the day. Laughter also lowers cortisol levels and boosts the immune system

Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination can create a lot of stress because tasks that remain uncompleted tend to accumulate in your mind. If you are prone to procrastination, learning ways to overcome this tendency will reduce stress in your life.

Exercising Regularly

Go for a brisk walk or bike ride. Exercise, particularly aerobic exercise, allows your body to release tension and forces you to breathe much more deeply. Aerobic exercise also causes the brain to release endorphins and neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, which enhance your mood.

Spend Time In Nature

he modern, hermetically-sealed lifestyle isolates people from the therapeutic effects of nature, often leading to depressed spirits and increased risk of illness and disease. Nature deficiency includes decreased exposure to fresh air and sunlight, which is important for maintaining vitamin D levels and a healthy immune system. Get outside as often as you can. Take a few deep breaths to fill your lungs with fresh air, listen to the calming and peaceful sounds of nature and let your eyes soak in the natural colors of the world while you reduce stress and reenergize your mind and body.

Keep A Gratitude Journal

Record five things you experienced in the past week for which you are grateful. From the warm morning sunshine to the generosity of a friend, take time to elaborate on the detail; this has more impact than quickly jotting down a superficial list.

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