Ever Wondered About Those Pesky Eye Bags That Make You Look Older or Tired?

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Lower Eyelid Bags: A Common Aspect of Aging

Introduction: As we enter our 40s and beyond, the area around our eyes begins to change, and we often start to notice puffy ‘bags’ forming under our eyes. These bags, or lower eyelid fullness, are protrusions that seem to extend from the lower eyelid to around the eye socket area. While they may look similar, there are actually two types of eye bags “ fatty and water fluid (edematous), and each has its own solution.
Aging and Under-Eye Bags: Fast forwarding into our 50s and 60s, if not managed timely and properly, these bags can worsen. They hold more fluid, enlarging and becoming more visible. This also stretches the skin under the eye, making wrinkles and fine lines more apparent, thus giving us an older look.
The Importance of Eye Appearance: Such lower eyelid bags are a natural part of aging, yet they can significantly change our facial expressions and nonverbal communication. In a study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, researchers found that people generally find eyes to be the most attractive facial feature, ranking them higher than hair, lips, and nose. It’s common for people with eye bags to look tired, sick, or even intoxicated. However, not to worry, there are many solutions available to manage these bags, and not all of them involve surgery.

Under eye bag

Under eye bag



Malar bag

Malar bag

The Anatomical Structure of The Eye Area

To understand these under-eye changes, we need to talk about the structure of the eye area. Surrounding the eyeball are three main fat pads known as periorbital adipose tissue. These pads, held in place by a special stretchy membrane, work as protectors and shock absorbers for the eyeball. The look of the under-eye area depends on the fat in these pads, the stretchiness of the membrane, and how the body holds onto or drains extra water. Other important structures influencing this area’s appearance are cheekbones fat pads and eye muscles.

The Main Causes of Eye Bags

You might wonder, what causes these pesky eye bags to form? Primarily five age-related physiological changes are to blame:
1. The stretchy membrane loses its elasticity.
2. Eye fat pads grow excessively.
3. The body’s ability to drain facial fluid slows down.
4. Dermal fat in the cheekbones also grows excessively.
When the membrane loses its stretchiness due to aging, it allows the periorbital fat pads to move downwards, sticking out to form a fat sac. The overgrowth of fat results from aging and genetics. The fat pads naturally increase in size with age and result in the noticeable, persistent under-eye bags. Fluid accumulates due to poor drainage, which in turn stretches the membrane outward, leading to visible swelling. Keep in mind though, a watery bag, caused by fluid retention, generally is prominent in the morning and fades throughout the day, unlike a permanent fat sac

Special Note on Festoons and Malar Mounds

Lastly, excess or deficiency of fat in the cheekbones can lead to the eye skin forming a hammock-like shape, creating puffy eyes known as festoons and malar mounds. These can add to a tired look and visually age the face. These often result from damaged collagen and elastic fibers in the lower eyelid and cheek area. They allow fluids to collect in this space, causing swollen skin in these regions. These bumps can often be dealt with in a cosmetology clinic, and the aim should be to flatten them, not inflate them.

Conclusion: A Fresh Outlook with LovelyEyes© by Valeriya Life

In summary, as we gracefully journey through life, our skin and especially the eye area, undergo a myriad of changes. Under-eye bags, a common hallmark of aging, can significantly impact one’s appearance and how we are perceived by others. These changes in our appearance, resulting from the loss of membrane elasticity, fat pad overgrowth, declined fluid drainage, or cheekbone fat changes, can vary from subtle to dramatically changing the way we look. The great news is that these aesthetic challenges can be managed effectively with the right care and treatments. In recognition of this common concern, Valeriya Life medical aesthetic center has developed a forward-thinking solution to rejuvenate tired eyes. Their innovative eye contour care program, LovelyEyes© by Valeriya Life, is designed to specifically target and address the causes of eye bags and puffiness, providing a tailored approach to restore the youthful and radiant appearance of the eyes.
With LovelyEyes© by Valeriya Life, individuals now have access to a dedicated program offering professional expertise, innovative techniques, and state-of-the-art treatments, encapsulating the promise of brighter, more vibrant eyes. It’s a holistic approach to eye care that extends beyond quick fixes, aiming instead for lasting, natural-looking results that reflect your inner vitality on the outside. So, while the effects of time on our eyes are inevitable, they certainly aren’t irreversible. There’s an art to aging gracefully, and with the support of advanced aesthetic programs like LovelyEyes© by Valeriya Life, you can continue to look as lively and expressive as you feel.

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