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Facial Fitness

Look and feel glowing and healthy with Face Fitness. It’s never too late to start. At any age, you can lift and tone your facial muscles, boost blood circulation, drain toxins, and relax muscle tension.

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What is Facial Fitness?

Facial Fitness.

Face fitness is a series of facial exercises, where you intentionally isolate and tone your face muscles. We have these tiny, delicate muscles in our face that you might not even think twice about. Take your eye area, for instance: There are over 10 muscles around our eyes constantly squinting, smiling, and expressing. The face has muscles, just like the body, if you isolate and tone those muscles you can get results.

Of course, you move your face every day (smiling, chatting, and the like). But with facial fitness you’re focusing on specific muscles, strengthening them as you isolate the movement.

Frequently asked questions

Is there proof it works?
In January 2018 a key study done at Northwestern University showed that 20 weeks of Face Fitness, 30 minutes day can make the face look 3 years younger. Also, a BBC study of two twin doctors showed that the doctor that did Facial fitness for 1 month looked 1 year younger.
Will Facial Fitness give me wrinkles?

No not if you do it in the correct way. Wrinkles are caused by repeated expressions and we aren’t doing that. We are doing controlled exercises with resistance (and checking our faces to ensure they remain smooth throughout) using all 3 layers of skin together. We do gently massage and relaxation too. Studies show that Facial Fitness reduces wrinkles and doesn’t cause them.

Who can do Facial Fitness?

If you want to look and feel glowing and healthy then Facial Fitness is for you. It’s never too late to start, At any age you can lift and tone a muscle, boost circulation, lymphatic drainage and relaxation tension. It is never too early to start Facial Fitness either. Plus it’s great for men and women.

When will I see results?

Results vary from person to person. The key is regular daily practice. So if you can do anything from 2 minutes to 50 minutes per day you will see results. You will see and feel some results immediately but more significant results within a week. For longer lasting results it takes some people 6 months. Combining with a healthy lifestyle and enjoying the relaxing benefits speeds up results too.

Can I do Facial Fitness with skin problems and health issues?

Facial Fitness is gentle and effective for most people but if you have any health issues or skin concerns please check with your doctor prior to starting Facial Fitness and always work to your own level.

Can I do Facial Fitness if I have had surgery/ Botox/fillers?

Facial Fitness is a great alternative to invasive procedures but it can also be a wonderful compliment to use alongside them. Please check with your practitioner/surgeon/doctor prior to starting Facial Fitness if you have had surgery or injectables.

When should I apply my moisturizer with Facial Fitness?

Doing Facial Fitness with a clean face and clean hands is recommended. Apply a few drops of serum prior to starting (as you want some glide but you don’t want your fingers to slip) and then when you do some final massage, apply a few more drops!

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