How Do You Feel About Your Lymphatic System?

by | Feb 17, 2022 | Body Wellness

1. Lymphatic Fluid Movement Is a Key to Healthy Weight

Do you know that to get the best results from dieting, it’s important to have proper lymphatic flow? Plus, you can achieve your weight loss goals twice as fast when you increase lymph flow. However, for most women, the lymphatic system slows down after the age of 40. A sluggish lymphatic system hinders your ability to lose excess weight. Moreover, it can cause digestive problems, skin problems, impaired immunity, and fluid retention.

2. How Does the Lymphatic Flow Support Body Weight?

First, your lymphatic system is a complex net of capillaries and vessels in your body that surround the cells. They serve as the highway that transports all hormones and nutrients to cells. At the same time, the lymphatic system sweeps away harmful substances produced by cells by collecting toxic waste from cells. Also, lymphatic fluid carries fat in the form of triglycerides from the fat cells to the bloodstream and muscles, where it gets burned as energy. This is what makes the lymph fluid movement a key to healthy weight loss.

3. How Does the Lymphatic Flow Get Sluggish?

As the lymphatic fluid passes through the vessels, it gets thick with toxins, fluids, proteins, and fat. Fat particularly makes the lymph fluid ,thick and circulation slow. A slow-moving lymph cannot effectively transport fat to muscles and toxins away from your body. Put simply, the more fat and toxicity you have in your body, the slower your lymphatic system works. The congested lymphatic system inhibits hormones, genes, and enzymes to function right. First, you may feel swollen and experience fatigue, because of a build-up of toxic wastes in your tissues. Then, you gain weight and may even develop health problems.

The extra fat tends to collect at the hips, thighs, or chest. Every pound of excess weight around your waist puts up to five pounds of pressure on your lymphatic system. When you gain weight, your body fat triggers inflammation. Inflammation makes it harder for the lymphatic system to move the liquids that drain waste products from tissues around your body.

A sluggish lymphatic system reduces your body’s ability to get rid of toxins and can make it hard to lose weight. Toxins then tend to accumulate in fat cells. When a lifestyle has a toxin-rich effect on the body, the body’s natural reaction to these toxins is to store them in fat cells. That makes fat cells increase in size. Stanford scientists found that decreased lymphatic activity causes fat storage to double. This vicious circle never ends.

4. What Can You Do to Help Your Lymph System Burn Fat Better?

Reversing your sluggish lymphatic system will help you burn fat effectively rather than storing it. The first tip is to thin out thick, congested lymph fluid. This will help you lose fat better. Dairy products can clog your lymph. Cutting out dairy for just seven days can help thin your lymph fluid right away. Casein, a large protein that is difficult to digest, does not break down small enough to get absorbed into the bloodstream; it ends up clogging your lymphatic system. You may want to consider cutting out other dairy products.

To get the most out of any diet, lymphatic flow can also be stimulated. The second tip is this: you should try to help your lymphatic system flush out toxins and proteins. Lymphatic drainage clears lymph nodes, vessels, and ducts, thereby reducing the thickness of the lymph. This process is key to losing weight painlessly. For this, you can regularly do dry skin-brushing as a gentle and effective home care treatment. Another effective way to support efficient lymphatic flow is the LPG Endermologie® treatment. Endermologie® is a professional wellness and beauty technology for stimulating the body soft tissue and mobilizing fluids. It supports local blood and lymph microcirculation. Improved local circulation helps fat and toxins leave fat cells, which in turn helps the lymphatic system better eliminate toxins from the body.

The third tip is to make sure you exercise daily and move often. As amazing as it may sound, the lymphatic system has no central pump (like the heart, which pumps blood). Instead, the movement of lymphatic fluid around the body depends on both smooth and skeletal muscle contraction (and manual manipulation). The lack of a central pump means that a sedentary lifestyle impairs lymph function. The lymphatic system never rests! Whether you’re jogging to the store or just sitting at your desk, your lymph is hard at work. Therefore, daily movement and/or exercise are essential for lymphatic health.

You might consider consulting a holistic health coach, who can do a simple assessment of your lymphatic system, if you struggle with weight loss. As you will learn, in as little as a week you can start seeing results from the simultaneous fat loss and lymph fluid support program.
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