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Flat Lips

Transform flat lips into full looking youthful lips

It helps to know the biological building blocks that contribute to a full, youthful appearance to understand why your lips are becoming thinner over time. Your skin is made up of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and water. As you age, you lose some of this hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Some of the most prominent changes that may notice:

  • Loss of definition in the philtrum columns. These are the two ridges on either side of the groove below your nose. As support for the philtrum columns fades, the upper lip tends to flatten and lose its curvature.
  • Less volume in the marionette areas just below the corners of your mouth. This can give your mouth a downward slope that flattens the lips.
  • Lost structure in the lip itself, such as in the tubercle. This is the projecting point in the center of your upper lip, which would otherwise give you a plump and youthful pout.

With the right treatments, we can reverse these aging issues and transform your lips back into a more youthful appearance.


Long lasting results come from our unique process.

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Everything starts with an initial consultation where your unique needs, preferences, and goals will be addressed with a long-term aesthetic plan (aka TERE). Your exclusive beauty & health transformation is a journey where Valeriya Life’s holistic approach and advanced technologies make dramatic skin and body changes.


Start your transformative journey towards lasting change with our personalized treatment plan designed for your sensitive or inflamed skin.

Where most places may use a single technology for treatments we combine a number of science-backed technologies, biotech supplements, and lifestyle modifications. By doing this we can achieve fantastic long-lasting results. Check out the result we can achieve and the techniques we use to achieve them.

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Technologies Used

LPG Treatments

By mechanical stimulation, LPG Endermologie boosts the production of new, good collagen and natural hyaluronic acid and gives your skin volume, firmness, diminishing wrinkles. LPG makes the skin look fuller with increased collagen production and more supple, giving it resistance to wrinkles and “expression lines.”

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Lifestyle Modifications

Skin Tightenng Facial Fitness: Look and feel glowing and healthy with Face Yoga is for you. It’s never too late to start, At any age, you can lift and tone a muscle, boost circulation, lymphatic drainage and relaxation tension. Learn about Facial Fitness.
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” This is a beautiful and chic medspa. Valeriya is knowledgeable, honest, and has great “hands” with the treatments she performs. Scheduling is easy and accommodating. Worth a visit for sure! 

” The office was very clean and inviting. The staff was welcoming and very knowledgeable. They offer a wide variety of products and services to choose from. I did the 14 day Core detox, Venus bliss on my flanks, Venus legacy on my angel wings, and LPG on torso and thighs. I feel better and look better. My clothes fit and look better. I lost 5lbs in the first week of the detox. Highly recommend!!!!!!

I came to Valeriya Life to get a head start on some of my skin & body concerns for my upcoming wedding. I was blown away by the focus on my health, the personal touch, and the actual science that was put into my consultation.

Valeriya took the time to explain the results and suggested a personalized regimen. The results so far are beyond any expectations I had.

The overall atmosphere was very pleasant: the office was clean & modern, the staff was very professional, and I could tell that an immense effort was put into training and education. Words cannot explain how happy I am with the experience!!

Thank you for making me feel beautiful & confident on my wedding day!!!

I had a fantastic experience! The staff was extremely knowledgeable, and I love the approach they take. It’s beyond just getting great results with their treatments. They go into how to keep the results through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I really got the sense that their motivation was clearly about my better overall health. I couldn’t recommend them enough!

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Beautiful Connection

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