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by | Aug 29, 2019 | Body Wellness

Several years ago, I decided I need to slim my body. As I hit my middle forties, I found myself rapidly gaining extra weight and building up a squashy muffin-top. To my surprise, I discovered that diet and exercise alone didn’t give me the results I desired. My rigorous workouts and pretty modest eating habits did not pay off. That was a killer for my motivation to keep up with my routine or try a different approach.

Endermologie® Gives You Strong Motivation and Inspiration to Look Your Best

Any idea about liposuction or a tummy tuck was not considered at all. My sister, a cosmetologist with 20 years of experience, advised me to get non-invasive procedure of Lipomassage by LPG Endermologie®. I found that LPG Endermologie® is the scientifically proven technique, targeting the fat that is resistant to diet and exercise and tightening the skin. While being in Miami for vacation, my sister and I found a medspa near our location that offered LPG Endermologie®. I decided to get one treatment just out of curiosity. At the beginning of the treatment, I had to strip down and put on a special body suit, looking like a big stocking. Then the spa therapist started massaging my body with the machine’s head Ergodrive. The head is equipped with two motorized powerful rollers that lift up and knead the skin in various different directions. This “mechano-stimulation” of the skin’s surface is proven to stimulate a deep biological response to eliminate fat cells, reduce cellulite, firm the skin, improve lymphatic drainage and overall reshape the contours of body. The treatment felt very pleasant. One session cost was $150 and took about 45 minutes. I saw results after the first session. Next morning, I felt slimmer, and even my clothes became slightly loose. To achieve noticeable results, I had to commit to at least ten sessions, getting them twice a week, to start experiencing the benefits. I was able to get 6 sessions during my vacation, although I needed at least 12 to see maximum results. I was also recommended to have maintenance regime with one monthly treatment.

How Endermologie® Results Appear

My first experience was so successful because that sense of lightness and slimness really motivated me to get more of physical exercise and better diet. I swam more in the beautiful Atlantic waters, walked at every opportunity, and cut on sweet stuff. I wanted to get back to my size 8, and I became a believer it was possible. That year, I was size 14. After my third treatment I started to notice visible results. I could see that my thighs skin was denser and smoother, my stomach became less bumpy, and my buttocks appeared more lifted. These changes inspired me a lot! I came back to Omaha in a much better shape and smoother skin. I kept working out and keeping up with healthy diet. I planned my next trip to Miami to continue the Lipomassage. Meanwhile, I started massaging my thighs with a hand-held device and applying coffee scrubs to maintain the results. A month later, I was able to go back for four days and get the additional four Lipomassage sessions daily. This short but intense course significantly boosted my fat loss and body contouring. Since I was there by myself, I totally dedicated my time to wellness. I rode my bike every day, I swam twice a day, and ran early mornings. The results were so impressive that I started thinking how many people would benefit from this motivating treatment. It helped me to get rid off stubborn fat, tighten my skin, and lose 30 pounds. The most significant part was that the very first treatment motivated me to keep up with physical exercises and better diet!

Valeriya Life Endermologie® Center is Ready for You

Today, I am a proud founder of Valeriya Life where we offer Lypomassage by Endermologie®, the latest LPG machine, called the Integral. In addition, we provide body wraps with Body Lift, a stem cell skin product, and an anti-aging nutritional support to address the gut health. To date, all our clients who have experienced this technology have been extremely satisfied. If you are considering body contouring, cellulite reduction, and weight loss, you can check our packages that offer a discount for a series of 10 and more sessions. The other benefit of Lipomassage is stress and muscle sourness relief. Smoothing music and essential oil application are a nice addition to the endermologie session. Having “me” time is not only relaxing but invigorating! You need to try it too.

By the way, I am size 8 now.

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