Are You Worried About Your Skin Aging? Try Microneedling

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Are you in search for non-invasive treatment options for reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, lax skin, and enlarged pores? Then learn about how microneedling treatment at Valeriya Life Advanced Aesthetic Center can improve your own collagen production, a building block for smoother and tighter skin.

Why collagen production is a target of microneedling ?

As we get older, our collagen production levels naturally decline by 1% annually, starting at the age of 25. Over lifetime, we also experience exposure to the sun that causes destruction of the skin’s collagen through a process called photoaging. Photoaging effects accumulate over time; it causes deep damage to the skin’s cells and DNA. Our skin starts producing some defective collagen molecules. This results in a less stable collagen matrix that holds the skin. Therefore, we can see how our skin becomes laxed and starts sagging under the force of gravity.

As we get older, our collagen production levels naturally decline by 1% annually, starting at the age of 25.

Skin Aging stages diagram

What is microneedling ?

Microneedling, aka collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive treatment with the use of derma-pen or skin-pen. This device has a cartridge with the thin metal needles, which can vary in numbers. The main purpose of this device is to penetrate the skin to a certain depth in order to create multiple tiny holes. These holes send a signal to the body that the skin’s integrity is broken. Our body “reads” these signals as SOS and activates the immune system to quickly repair the skin.

image of Dermis Stamp Electric Pen

This essential mechanism of the body’s response is unique; it effectively protects the body’s organs and systems from the external environmental hazards. The disturbed skin fibroblasts start producing an increased amount of collagen to close these holes. That is how microneedling “stimulates” collagen production. It is interesting, that with each consecutive procedure the repairing capacity of the skin increases. This may be due to our immune system’s memory about the specific damaging mechanism.

When can i start microneedling ?

The good news is microneedling not only stimulates the production of collagen, it also accelerates the skin cells reproduction.

It is important to remember, as we age, our hormones’ levels decline. Specifically, estrogen is responsible for skin’s youthful appearance.

With less estrogen, the skin cells’ renewal declines. We literally, start “wearing” our skin cells longer when we get older. Therefore, the skin in older people appears less bright; it gets drier and appears dull. The good news is microneedling not only stimulates the production of collagen; it also accelerates the skin cells reproduction. The skin dermis starts producing more fibroblasts and growing new micro-vessels. As a result, the skin rejuvenates! It may be wise to start microneedling, as an anti-aging intervention, after the age of 30 when the first fine lines start appearing. As estrogen production continues to decline, regular microneedling treatments may fight the skin aging process more effectively. At the ages of 40 and, particularly, 50, our skin will benefit from a greater number of treatments: by the time when the estrogen production drops to minimal level, the skin quality will appear much better. Women who are prescribed with hormone replacement can extend their skin’s repairing capacity much longer.

What areas can be treated with microneedling

Microneedling can be applied to the entire face, neck, décolleté, arms, hands, knees, abdomen, back, and other parts that develop wrinkles, scars, stretch marks. Microneedling can also be used for lips.

Are there restrictions for microneedling ?

Microneedling has relative and absolute contraindications. The relative contraindications include:

  • Keloids
  • History of eczema and psoriasis
  • History of actinic keratosis
  • History of herpes simplex infections
  • Complicated diabetes
  • Presence of raised molds and warts.
  • The absolute contraindications include:
  • Scleroderma
  • Active bacterial or fungal infection
  • Rosacea
  • Immunosuppression
  • Scars less than six months

How does micro-needling procedure look like ?

At Valeriya Life, for face microneedling, first, we perform a face skin texture assessment with the use of VISIA, an advanced skin analysis system. Then, we apply a numbing cream for 15-20 minutes. After a thorough cleansing of the skin with anti-septic solution, we perform a treatment that can last from 15 to 30 minutes. For each customer, we use only a sterile cartridge.

Is microneedling painful ?

We apply a numbing cream to make the procedure comfortable for our clients.

Microneedling diagram

During the procedure, we can apply hyaluronic acid serum, stem cell serum, and peptides to deliver active ingredients deep to the skin. In younger people with fine lines, the needle’s penetration level does not exceed 0.30 mm. If a person has post-acne scars, then our staff increase the length of the needle to 2.50 mm depending on the severity of post-acne holes and areas of depression. For people with deep wrinkles, our staff also uses longer needles to reach out the dermis level where the fibroblasts live. Having a professional tattoo artist on our staff, we also use microneedling as a preparation treatment for the skin micropigmentation. Preliminary microneedling helps to exfoliate and smooth the skin out. This helps the pigments be distributed in the skin more evenly and stay longer giving the face a glowing look.

what is the downtime of microneedling?

After the treatment, the skin appears slightly red. In naïve clients, the redness may stay longer than in the clients who had more than one treatment. Next day, the skin may be slightly swollen. After approximately seven days, the skin can flake. Noticeable results in the skin’s texture appear within a couple of weeks. Individuals with oily skin have a much shorter downtime.

How long do the results last?

You can see the results right after the first treatment. Microneedling has a cumulative effect; therefore, the results are much better when you have a series of treatment. The repeated treatments can be performed every three to four weeks.

Effects of microneedling

Microneedling reverses the skin damage and signs of aging. After this treatment, the skin evens out, gets tighter, and even gain some volume. Pores look smaller. Scars diminish and stretch marks get less noticeable.

What is the average cost of microneedling?


Microneedling aftercare

  • Since, microneedling creates tiny holes in the skin, it is important to prevent infection and enable a quick healing. For this, it is important to properly wash the hands.
  • To minimize swelling, keep your head elevated. It is not uncommon for clients to experience under-eye swelling for the first 1 to 2 days, but this swelling will subside.
  • Activities: You may return to regular activities immediately. It is advised that you avoid hot baths, saunas, Jacuzzis, and pools for the first two days following treatment, as the bacteria common to these sites can affect the skin post-resurfacing and cause an infection.
  • Long-Term Skin Care: In addition to avoiding direct sun exposure, we suggest all clients use long term skin care that will optimize the youthful, rejuvenated appearance you have achieved.
  • Make-Up: After 24 hours, most microneedling clients are ready for makeup to hide the pinkness of the skin. If applied, it is important that you remove all makeup from the skin at night. Do not sleep with make up on the treated area.

Collagen induction therapy before and after image

  • Avoiding the Sun: Avoiding direct sun should become a permanent component of your long-term skin care program. Always use an SPF 30 or greater beginning 24 – 48 hours after the skin has fully healed. Sun exposure, tanning beds, and artificial sunless tanning lotions are not allowed in the treated areas during the course of the treatment and healing.
  • We offer clients a program for long-term facial skin maintenance This program offers skin maintaining and rejuvenating creams that are only available and administered by our medical team. The physician on our medical advisory team recommends the use of the Venus SkinTM Stem Cell Therapy Serum for at-home care treatment post 24 – 72 hours. Note that these assisting agents should always be used according to their accompanying instructions.

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