What’s My Sensitive Skin Type?

by | Nov 25, 2023 | Skin Anti Aging

What Is Sensitive Skin?

Skin that is easily inflamed is often referred to as sensitive or reactive skin. There are many reasons why skin sensitivity can occur. It’s essential to recognize that inflamed skin is not only a surface-level problem, but it can also indicate inflammation throughout the body. Conversely, harsh cosmetic procedures and using unsuitable skincare items can exacerbate delicate skin. To avoid irritation and inflammation, it is critical to incorporate appropriate sensitive skin products into your daily skincare regimen.

What Happens When the Skin Becomes Inflamed?

Skin inflammation can be caused by a variety of factors, but the result is usually the same – enlarged blood vessels and the activation of inflammatory pathways. This is indicated by the presence of cytokines, which act as inflammation markers in the blood during skin inflammation. These cytokines can have negative effects on our health, potentially leading to conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. To maintain a healthy body, it is important to reduce the triggers of skin inflammation.

Is It Possible for Sensitive Skin to Be Dry or Oily?

Yes, both oily and dry skin types can experience an increase in skin sensitivity! Sensitive or inflamed skin can be classified into four main types, namely Naturally Sensitive, Environmentally Sensitive, Reactive and Thin. To ensure that you’re using the best skincare products for your skin, it’s important to identify which type of sensitive skin you have. By using a skincare routine tailored to your specific subtype, you can prevent any negative reactions to products.

Oily Sensitive Skin

If you have oily skin that has become sensitive, it is common to experience acne. Additionally, Rosacea can still affect oily sensitive skin, causing occasional acne and stinging. To calm and take care of oily sensitive skin, it is highly recommended to use anti-inflammatory ingredients. Some of the best choices for soothing and nourishing oily sensitive skin are salicylic acid, argan oil, green tea, Centella Asiatica extract, chamomile, aloe, allantoin and panthenol.

Dry Sensitive Skin

Treating dry sensitive skin can be more challenging compared to oily sensitive skin. The reason behind this is that dry skin is more prone to inflammation due to its compromised skin barrier. When it comes to a skincare routine for dry sensitive skin, the main objective is to provide hydration, repair the skin barrier, and soothe the skin with gentle ingredients. It’s important to note that individuals with dry sensitive skin are more susceptible to adverse reactions when trying out new skincare products, which can result in developing pimples, itchiness, or having a red complexion. On the other hand, oily sensitive skin types may also experience reactions to skincare products, but the natural oils on their skin offer some level of protection against allergic reactions and rashes. At Valeriya Life, before we create a personalized skincare routine to calm and soothe your sensitive skin, we conduct a thorough review of your symptoms and create a customized plan to enhance the wellness of your skin.

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