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Defamation and false accusation

The practice of aesthetics and medicine is not an exact science. Our policy is to perform medical aesthetic procedures only after a full consultation, and counseling, explaining fully the benefits and risks, and alternatives if available, and only after a comprehensive written consent. Every procedure has the possibility of downtime, recovery time, and risks which are explicitly stated during consultation and in the consent form. These procedures are not medical necessities and are optional. No single procedure can address the aesthetic concerns of individuals 100% of the time. When you visit our office voluntarily asking for a procedure you agree to abide by the consent that you have signed. We always ask you to reach out to us if you still have any questions, concerns or clarification about the procedure itself or aftercare. If you are not willing to agree to follow these basic requirements, you SHOULD NOT go ahead with any procedure with us. Despite that if you go online to write negatively unfair and defamatory opinions (which is only your opinion), we have the right to pursue legal action and by agreeing to get any service with us, you also agree to bear the legal costs and attorney fees.

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