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Discover our selection of the most advanced body medical aesthetic treatments and products for cellulite and body sculpting to combat resistant fat, loose skin, tiredness, toxins and stress. Body fat is an important biologically-active factor for our health. It stores toxins, hormones, and other substances that may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, liver disease, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer. Some areas in our body have fat pockets that are more resistant to exercise and diet. Valeriya Life’s innovative treatment plans aim at stimulation of natural lipolysis and skin tightening. Our treatments include medical aesthetic technology for targeting fat, tightening saggy skin, and tips about medical grade nutrition for a healthy gut. We offer the most optimal combination of technologies for anti-cellulite and body contouring treatments.

Cellulite Combat Zone

Valeriya Life’s professionals will provide you with valuable tips and advice on how to smooth cellulite and optimize results using our technology and products.

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Facts about cellulite formation

  • Nearly 90% of American women develop cellulite at some point of their life, even those who are slender and fit
  • Cellulite is not a problem of excessive fat, but rather the problem of localized fibrosis of a connective tissue, poor blood circulation, water retention, and abnormalities in fat metabolism
  • Even a fit person can develop fat bulges through weakened connective tissue, producing the “cottage cheese” appearance of dimpled skin
  • Men experience similar issues with nearly 10% developing cellulite

Body Sculpting

Performed by our trained professionals equipped with the most advanced equipment, Integral Cellu6 LPG endermologie® and Venus Legacy sessions can contour body in targeted areas as well as treat all connective tissue transformations (scars, fibrosis), circulation problems and muscle tensions naturally and painlessly, without any side effects

The use of LPG Endermologie, which is a computer driven massaging system for aesthetic body contouring, allows us to mobilize damaged tissues beyond the capabilities of a human hand. LPG delivers intense yet pleasant stimulation process on the skin surface to reactivate natural physiological processes in-depth: stimulation of natural lipolysis, fluid drainage, vascularization acceleration, edema and fibrosis improvement, muscular preparation, and recovery. Over the last couple decades, LPG® techniques have become a standard of care for many aesthetic surgeons, fat freezing clinics, burn centers, and liposuction clinics worldwide.

Venus Legacy™ is an ideal treatment for local fat release with the induced thermo-lyposis. This treatment revitalizes collagen and tightens our skin. A study conducted by top international dermatologists showed that patients were very satisfied with their results and experienced no adverse effects. The results showed an average abdominal circumference reduction of 3.78 cm over the course of study.

Double Chin Reduction

Our double chin reduction procedure will define the jawline by reducing fat and tightening the skin. This treatment is highly effective and safe. No injections needed!

Venus Legacy™ acts at a deep level of the soft tissue and in combination with LPG endermologie® and Venus Skin ™ products, provides the most optimal and quick body slimming and contouring results.

Venus Legacy™ Body Contouring Treatments

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Venus Legacy™ Before & After Photos: Buttocks and Thighs

Aesthetic effects
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Venus Legacy™ Body Aesthetic Treatments

Image of a woman receiving Venus Versa treatment
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LPG Body Endermologie Integral

Body Contouring
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