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Acne Scarring, Wrinkles, Tired Look?

We offer world class technologies for aesthetic and age-defying solutions that are tailored for men. Discover our selection of face treatments for men that reduce scars, pores, age spots, wrinkles, pigmentation and lax skin. By improving quality of your skin, you will enjoy your refreshed face and feel young and handsome again. We specialize in general rejuvenation. Men’s skin is thick and requires treatments that can penetrate below the skin’s epidermis when delivering wrinkle reduction and skin resurfacing treatments. Our capabilities allow us to have great control over the depth and width of the skin penetration treatment and, thus optimal customization of treatments for each customer’s unique needs. These technologies activate and stimulate the body cells, thus performing extraordinary results

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Also, you can discover our selection of body treatments for men to combat resistant fat, tiredness, toxins and stress. Our newest tool box includes extraordinary body contouring treatment devices, such as the Venus Legacy™ and LPG Endermologie®. We can better reach targeted fat cells while effectively boosting collagen synthesis. Enhance your lifestyle and workouts with these technologies to get better results and outstanding performance! Finally, our aesthetic hair removal treatments for men are fast and safe and is delivered with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). No more shavings. Save your time for better things in your life! In addition, you can explore our package treatments such as Detox for Men, Age-Defying Program for Men, and Anti-Stress Program for Men. Save your time, get the package and enjoy self-care and improvements!

adventure man Treatments

L-Abdomen & Waist line Slimming

LPG Endermologie 

Target: Enlarged abdomen and waistline; fat folders on the flanks and abdomen. Actions: Endermologie therapy stimulates stubborn fat release, improves local blood circulation, tones the skin, re-sculpts abdomen and improves waistline contour. Benefits: Decreased abdomen’s circumference as a result of dissolving fat accumulations in the stomach area; decreased appearance of “muffin top”; improved appearance of the overall body contour. Recommended: 10 to 18 treatments x 30 min.

V- Chest Slimming

Venus Legacy 

Target: Enlarged chest with loose contour
Actions: Multi-Polar Radio-Frequency and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields therapy stimulate stubborn fat release, improve local blood circulation, tone the skin and re-sculpt chest’s contour
Product: Stem Cell Therapy Body Lift
Benefits: A more defined chest contour; reduced volume; and tightened skin. No downtime. Safe.
Recommended: 8-10 treatments x 30 min.

V- Rejuvenating Eye Lift

Venus Legacy 

Target: Eyes’ wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and loose contour
Action: Multi-Polar Radio-Frequency and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields therapy improves local blood circulation; stimulates fibroblast functions and production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid; smooths wrinkles, tone the skin, and re-sculptures eyes’ contour
Products: Stem Cell Therapy, a $40-value Recovery Kit included
Benefits: Increased skin elasticity, firmness, and density around the eyes; smoothed wrinkles; refreshed eye look; decreased dark circles; lifted eyebrows
Recommended: 8-10 sessions x 20 min.

V-Expert Face Slimming and Lift

Venus Legacy

Target: Face skin loose contour, saggy skin, dull looking skin, wrinkles, fine lines, small scars. Action: Multi-Polar Radio-Frequency, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields, and VariPulse increase local blood circulation, stimulate fibroblast functions, increase hyaluronic acid production, tone the skin, resculpt face and jawline contour.
Products: Stem Cell Therapy Serum.
Benefits: Toned and more youthful looking skin, refreshed skin complexion, increased density of the skin, more defined contour of the jawline, smoothed wrinkles, lifted eyebrows. No downtime. Prolonged Botox-like effects. Recommended: 6-8 times x 30 min

L-Back Muscle Tension

LPG Endermologie

Target: Neck, upper back and lower back muscles. Actions: The combination of the Endermologie technique and digitopuncture releases all forms of muscular tension by stimulating blood circulatory exchange to fight water retention and draining toxins; stimulates lymphatic circulation. Benefits: This intensive 90-min treatment releases your stress and fatigue, and some toxins; “re-oxygenates” your skin and muscles; and gives you immediate sense of light and refreshed body; reserves your body from the damaging effects of time, environmental toxins and stressful circumstances. Recommended: 10-12 times x 45 min.

LPG Sport

LPG Endermologie

Prevent injury before it happen!
Targets: Overworked muscles and skin
Actions: The combination of the Endermologie technique and digitopauncture releases all forms of muscular tension; stimulates blood circulatory exchange to fight water retention and toxins; stimulates lymphatic circulation; and alleviates delayed onset of muscle sourness
Products: Stem Cell Therapy Body Lift
Benefits: “Re-oxygenated” skin and muscles; immediate sense of lightness; relaxation and stress relief; improved performance
Recommended: As needed

L- Fluid Retention Reduction

LPG Endermologie

Targets: Lymph drainage
Actions: Endermologie digitopuncture stimulates blood circulatory exchange to fight water retention, to drain toxins, and to improve lymphatic circulation
Benefits: Immediate sense of lightness; stress and fatigue relief; “re-oxygenated” skin and muscles; refreshed body feeling
Recommended: As needed

Destress Decompress

LPG Endermologie

Destress and decompress plunge you into a relaxation “mode” and recharge your “batteries” enabling you to achieve highest performance. Explore our Endermologie massage

Detox for Men

“Today’s lifestyle of poor diet, polluted environment and high stress, subjects your body to more toxins than ever before.” OrthoMolecular Products, 2018. Our Detox solutions include a combination of body treatment and targeted nutritional support. Our Intensive 90-min Detox Retreat with Endermologie® stimulates circulatory exchanges to fight water retention and drains toxins: skin and muscles are “re-oxygenated” and “revitalized”. This treatment gives an immediate boost and sensation of lightness. CORE Restore 14-Day Detox Kit supports optimal detoxification and improves energy levels in just 14 days!

Age-Defying Program for Men

Our Age-Defying program for Men, a 90-min face and body treatment, targets chronic inflammation and skin regenerative functions, the major contributors to aging appearance.
A first part of Intensive 90-min Age-Defying Body and Face Treatment provides full body and neck massage as well as the chest and arms: the combination of the Endermologie® technique and digitopuncture will “re-oxygenate” skin and muscles in 60 min. The second part includes Cellular Regeneration of face skin treatment with the application of non-surgical radio-frequency and pulsed magnetic fields and Bone Marrow Stem Cell skincare products. This treatment improves skin density and complexion and reduce puffiness in 30 min.
Support this treatment with nutrition that targets inflammation. The take-home assignment is InflammaCORE an advanced nutritional formula built to address immune challenges, maintain normal inflammatory balance and strengthen gastrointestinal barrier function.

Anti-stress Program for Men

Lack of sleep, stress, poor nutrition and prescription medications can rapidly deplete our health. Try our anti-stress signature program and find yourself restored, pampered, and full of new energy.
Destress and Decompress will plunge you into a relaxation “mode” and recharge your “batteries” enabling you to achieve highest performance. Busy men need breaks too! A combination of Endermologie® massage, Venus heat, 3D Spa with guided meditation, and targeted nutritional support helps you fight harmful effects of stress and restore body own resources. 

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