Paramedical Aesthetics Tattooing

A transformative non-surgical solution to correct skin coloration. Reverse the look of hair loss, hide scars and make post-surgery and body trauma scars look whole again with 3D Areola tattooing.

Hair Simulation

Get the appearance of natural and fuller hair by creating a look that is more dense, abundant and intense with Valeriya life’s Scalp Micropigmentation. Pigment is applied to areas where hair growth is minimal. The tattooed hair blends with the scalp and creates a natural look making it a great long-term solution to hair loss.

Scar Camouflage

Camouflages scars left from any surgeries and/or personal injuries. The pigment is applied to areas where hair growth is affected by the scaring. The tattooed hair blends the scar in with the rest of the scalp and creates a natural scar free look.

3-D Aerola Tattooing

Our 3-D areola tattooing is a work of art that looks like an authentic areola. Shading, shadows, and other artistic skills make these tattoos look realistic and natural, helping you feel confident once again.

Beautiful Connection

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