About Oksana

Oksana joined Valeriya Life as a Spa Therapist and enhanced the practice with her extensive experience in nursing and natural strong compassion to people. Her main specialty at Valeriya Life is body health.
Oksana has professed her skills in Venus Legacy and LPG Endermologie® that allow her to effectively help women and men feel beautiful and confident with their body appearance. Our customers always enjoy Oksana’s company and her passion to help others.

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lady holding a sign saying time to detox


1. A 30-min educational group session with Q&A.
2. 7-Day CORE Restore Kit for optimizing Liver Biotransformation Phase I & II.
3. Daily motivational messages.
4. FB CORE Detox Community for a power of the group support.
5. Daily recipes and grocery lists.
6. Other perks that help to minimize toxic burden.
WorkShop Cost: $50