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About Lynn Kocian.

MPAS, PA-C Master’s in Medicine, Physician Assistant Studies, UNMC ABAAHP, Fellow, Integrative and Functional Medicine

I am excited to join Valeriya Life to help you in your journey of health. My ideas on “wellness” have adapted over my 20+ years in Family Medicine. Stress and toxicity, I believe, are the primary cause of our cancer and chronic disease today. At Valeriya Life we will be exploring healthy life-style changes, reducing inflammation and implementing detoxification to achieve optimal wellness and to restore natural, glowing beauty.

Our goal is to embrace lifelong healthy habits, achieve optimal body composition, rejuvenate skin, and to ultimately help you in your efforts to not only look well, but feel well.

I am happy to introduce Ortho Molecular products. Ortho Molecular products are made with evidence- based raw materials and are therapeutically dosed to obtain the best health outcome possible. I believe we can combine advanced aesthetic technology and nutrition to achieve better body balance on all levels, mind, body, soul.

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lady holding a sign saying time to detox


1. A 30-min educational group session with Q&A.
2. 7-Day CORE Restore Kit for optimizing Liver Biotransformation Phase I & II.
3. Daily motivational messages.
4. FB CORE Detox Community for a power of the group support.
5. Daily recipes and grocery lists.
6. Other perks that help to minimize toxic burden.
WorkShop Cost: $50