About Breth

My interest in skin care and health has evolved over the years of clinical practice in allergy.
It is not surprising that I have been asked to consult on many patients with complaints of
dermatitis. Some have been due to allergy but many times the problem is basic skin care and
health. One of the major complaints that I encounter are non specific rashes and itching.
Many of these patient suffer from chronic thinning of their skin with loss of the skins underlying
integrity such as collagen, resulting in premature thinning of the skin. When the skin begins to
thin, the skin is more susceptible to environmental irritants and drying leading to excessive
wrinkling, sagging and itching. Age spots become more frequent and observable over time.
Basic skin care is the foundation to healthy skin but newer advancements have been
discovered to restore the foundation of the skin by increasing collagen, blood flow, reducing
age spots and wrinkles.

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