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Every day more and more people realize that looking younger and being healthier not only increases their quality of life, it also makes them more productive and happy. Like you, we at Valeriya Life care about how we look, feel and navigate life’s challenges. It is why we are in the aesthetic and wellness business. We promote natural, non/minimally-invasive procedures using the most current world-leading technologies that get noticeable results. We are committed to innovation and individualized services that defy skin aging, activate your body transformation, and improve your confidence, outer beauty and health.

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why Valeriya Life?

Valeriya Life’s mission is to empower and inspire you on your journey for health and beauty. We create highly customized treatment plans tailored to your unique aesthetic and health goals. Our team and you will make lasting lifestyle plans that will adapt and change with you as you experience your own unique transformation. You have our commitment to the highest quality services backed by science and our expertise. Uncompromising integrity and ethics are our core values.

Latest Technology​

Top aesthetic and body technology centers. Our technology-driven procedures are the go-to solution for patients who want results without having to resort to painful and costly surgery.

Best Specialists

We are a healthcare professionals team with 50 years of collective experience. We have expertise in medical science, public health practices, surgical wound care, aesthetics, skin care, nutrition and wellness.

professional Services

The quality of our services goes to every customer. We are proud to offer best natural rejuvenation technology and highest quality of the services to our community.

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This is a one year membership and can be upgraded anytime.


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1. A 30-min educational group session with Q&A.
2. 7-Day CORE Restore Kit for optimizing Liver Biotransformation Phase I & II.
3. Daily motivational messages.
4. FB CORE Detox Community for a power of the group support.
5. Daily recipes and grocery lists.
6. Other perks that help to minimize toxic burden.
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